Cookie Scanner

Scan all pages of your website and get a cookie, tracking and banner audit result. Free, shareable and fast.

Cookie Scan USPs

The Features

Cookie Scanner audits all pages of a website for cookies, a working cookie banner, tracking tags and more. It creates a free and fast audit report without providing any email: GDPR and privacy compliance without effort. It simulates a real website visit to get the best and most realistic results. Thanks to its advanced crawling capabilities, it effortlessly navigates through multiple pages of even the most advanced websites.

No e-mail required

You do not need to create an account or share you e-mail address. We understand that sharing your e-mail address is a sensitive matter. This is why you get your cookie audit report without the need of providing your e-mail. When you choose to create an account you get additional benefits.

Cookie banner status report

When is the last time you checked all the pages of your website, for a correct working cookie banner? This cookie banner audit tool checks, if the banner is present on all pages of your website. It can interact with your cookie banner and create a report with or without accepting cookies.

Cookie & script source report

Our cookie scan result not only shows a lot more then only cookies. It shows which script set the cookie or which script initiated a script load. This makes it very easy to find the source of a cookie. It even tells you, if is a server or a JavaScript cookie and the source of a localStorage entry.

Free cookie scan

You can always scan your web page for free and see what cookies, localStorage and tracking tag you have on your website. This tool scans three pages for free without an account and five with an free account.

Fast audit result

It is annoying being forced in a queue and wait for an hour just to get the cookie scan result for your website. This is why our tool scans your website really fast. We did our best to increase the scanning speed even for free scans.

Monitoring of cookie banner

Never worry about a faulty cookie banner again or unknown 3rd party scripts! With this cookie audit tool you can create a monitoring system that keeps a vigilant eye on all the pages of your website. Not only the start page.

Audit FAQ's

Cookie Scanner FAQs

All your questions around cookies and cookie audits, answered.

The cookie scanner scans all pages of a website for cookies, working cookie banner, tags and third party requests with a state-of-the-art scanning technology. It creates a free and fast audit report without providing any email or personal data. This cookie audit tool helps to ensure GDPR and privacy compliance effortlessly.

A cookie scanner is a tool that analyzes cookies, which are small pieces of data stored on a computer by a web browser. The scanner looks for cookies set by your website. More advanced cookie scanners like analyzes for more privacy and GDPR relevant things, like: third party scripts, localStorage, tracking requests and tags.

A cookie scanner visits your web page and analyzes the behavior of all the JavaScript's and the website itself. At the end you will get a summary report what cookies and tags your website is using. This helps you making your web page compliant with privacy regulations like GDPR or CCPA.

Yes. To ensure full GDPR and data privacy compliance it is crucial to be 100% sure, that no subpage sets rogue cookies or shows unexpected tracking behaviour. For more informations see: Scan all pages of a website

To be compliant with the privacy regulations of many countries you need to understand the behavior of your website. For example: what cookies are set? What tracking is used? What third party domains are used? And in best case you do the same check every day, so that you get an alert, if something changes and you have to adjust your privacy policy. This can help you to prevent fines for not being compliant.

If you are looking for a cookie scanner, you should pay attention to some features, including cookie initiator/source reporting, cookie banner validation or the possibility to scan the whole page and not only the startpage.

There are a lot of things to look out for, when evaluationg a cookie audit tool. This tool definitely stands out:
  • state-of-the-art scanning technology
  • free monitoring for cookies and alerting for a webpage
  • report for Gooogle Consent mode
  • report cookies, tracking tags, localStorage and 3rd party requests